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This is the EAA Polymer Witness. At $250-$300 or so, this gun is a real bargain. The quality of the build, the fit, and finish are everything you'd find in a $450+ gun. I've put about 1000 rounds through this one without any problems. Magazines are available from Cheaper Than Dirt, just be sure you're getting the right one for your specific model of Polymer Witness.
This is a fun little DIY project that cost only $3 for the valve stems and the bottles are basically free. These exploding bottles are really loud and really fun. They will wake the neighbor for sure and someone will probably call the cops to report explosions. Don't inflate past 60psi or 3.78bar.
Using a $5 soft side lunchbox from WalMart and the kydex shell from an Alien Gear holster, you can make a tactical lunchbox to keep your gun close by in non-permissive environments. The 3M taped needed is the same stuff that's used on GoPro mounts (3M VHB).