I Stopped A Straw Purchase

A few weeks ago I visited one of my go to LGS to pick up some Ruger rotary mags. I ended up grabbing one that was for the wrong caliber so I had to run back. When I got back, I noticed a beat to crap honda in the parking lot with a kid sitting in front of the car on the parking stop. He was on the phone. Okay, nothing to strange yet. Once I get inside I notice another kid milling about the store talking on his phone (hand free earbuds). So I'm going about my business and listening to what this kid is talking about. It became real clear that the kid in the store was taking directions from the one outside. He's going from looking at reloading dies to handgun holsters to game calls. It seems like he's stalling. While I 'm there I see a revolver that I didn't need but the price was right so I start filling our the paper work. With that the inside kid on the phone comes over to the counter and asks if they have a "Glock 45". He hasn't bothered to look in the case yet, where there are about 30 Glocks on display. The guy at the counter asks if he's looking for the caliber or model. The kid looks puzzled for a second and asks if they're the same thing. At this point, I write on a small piece of paper telling my clerk that I think this is a straw purchase and the other party is outside giving directions. They stall the guy a bit by asking some more questions and by this time I had to leave.

Fast forward to yesterday, I'm back at the LSG. The clerk remembers me and comes over to tells me that I did in fact stop a straw purchase. It turns out that the kid in the store was trying to buy a gun for his buddy outside who was a felon. He filled out the paper work and the store stalled the purchases while they called the local PD. The local PD get's there and that's when the fun started. The car has a registration that was expired, the kid outside (the felon) had weed in his pocket. The kid inside admitted that he was buying the gun for someone else and despite lying on the form he insisted that he didn't know this was illegal. In the end, the two of them got taken away by the local PD, the car was towed, and no one got to buy that "Glock 45"