Things Are Not Looking Good For Sponsored Shooters

First, it was Glock.  A sex scandal, some firings, some "I quits" and now that team is just a T&A show that sucks at shooting.

Then Sig quietly cuts and erases the gray shirts after really building them up

Now FN cuts its pro team.

Shooting sponsorships seem to be drying up.  I don't know if vendors are less focused on the consumer market or if there's little to no return on sponsorship.

I've shot matches where there were S&W, FN, and Sig gray shits.  Some were great brand ambassadors and did a good jobs of selling what they were shooting.  Others were great shooters, but, foul mouth poor sportsmen who were horrible brand ambassadors.  Maybe the Glock T&A show it the future.  Maybe we'll see a new USPSA bikini division.