Ted Nugent has a long history of unfiltered statement and shock comments.  Ted also has a long history with the NRA and the gun community.  Given Ted's recent anti-semitic outbursts, there comes a time when NRA members have to ask if Ted's mouth is causing more harm than good.  For me that answer is yes, Ted's unfiltered mouth is not good for gun owners and not good for the NRA.  Seeing as Ted has no plans to relinquish his NRA board seat and is doubling down on the stupid statements, it's up to the membership to send Ted packing this NRA election session and hand Ted a defeat.  Don't let him speak for us or on our behalf.

I will not be voting to retain Ted Nugent.  #NoMoreNuge #NoMoreNuge #NoMoreNuge #NoMoreNuge #NoMoreNuge #NoMoreNuge #NoMoreNuge #NoMoreNuge #NoMoreNuge #NoMoreNuge