YouTube Hero Program = Big Ass Zero!

YouTube’s new Hero program has the potential to be a major thorn for gun channels.  The idea behind this program, in addition to getting people to work for free for Google, is to create a massive community of moderators. The worst feature of the program is when a participant gets to level three.  Now, level one and two earn you some invites to YouTube events and discussion forums - no big deal.  Level three enables participants to mass flag videos for violating community standards.  Who has time to spend watching and flagging videos and comments as inappropriate?  I’ll tell you who, unemployed social justice warriors and empty nest mad moms.  This program will be a disaster for gun channels and a slew of other genres.  If you have a gun, gaming, politics, or vlog channel get ready to see viewer comments evaporating from your videos and your videos being unmonetized or removed based on Hero flagging.  The gaming community is already irate over this new program and is getting very vocal about how bad this could go and how it can end up like Wikipedia where a handful of power hungry dictators lord over pages and topics.  The only repercussion to an out of control agenda driven Hero is that they can be removed from the program.  How much damage can/will they do before getting removed.  For the SJW, there is only a path to victory with this new Zero Hero program.