The Great American Outdoors Show Recap

1. Glock, Ruger, Springfield, Kel-Tec, Beretta, and some others...   Not there
2. The new colorful Taurus looks cool, feels nice, will probably end up getting one for the hell of it.
3. There were like 17 stands selling jerky, didn't buy any of it.
4. Cheap chicom gopro knock offs seems to be sold at every booth.
5. Less swag for the grabbing this year.
6. I didn't like the new M&P 2.0.
7. DockDogs are pretty cool.
8. I don't know why NRA 3GE doesn't catch on as a winter activity.
9. Freedom munitions was selling 115gr 9mm for $8.50/box.
10. It was less crowded than last year.
11. You can OC there and there are no bag check, you can also carry in food and drinks and alcohol is available for purchase.
12. Tavor has a training division.
13. CCW insurance seems to be a big thing in the last two years.
14. The Elmerton Ave. lot is the easiest to get in out out of.