Lead Now Banned On Federal Lands = Fake News

No lead ammo is not now banned on federal lands and no Obama didn’t issue a last minute executive order on the subject.

What did happen is that Dan Ashe, the head of the Fish and Wildlife service, issued an agency order.  You can read the order for yourself here.  It tries to do the following.

Sec. 3 What is the Service’s overall policy? It is the Service’s policy to:
a.             Require the use of nontoxic ammunition and fishing tackle to the fullest extent practicable for all activities on Service lands, waters, and facilities by January 2022, except as needed for law enforcement or health and safety uses, as provided for in policy.

That’s a far cry from the headlines screaming that lead is now, today, banned on federal lands. 

So, there’s no reason to worry.  There’s no reason to stop shooting or hunting with lead ammo if you’re on federal lands.  What you should do is call your U.S. Rep or Senator and voice your displeasure with this agency order and reference the specific agency order number.  Then call your state reps and let them know do don’t approval of any federal initiatives to have states ban the use of lead hunting ammo.

Okay, you can take a rest from the tinfoil hat making sessions.